Carola Dertnig

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Performing the Sentence brings into dialogue the ways that “performative thinking” has developed in different national and institutional contexts, within different disciplines in the arts, and the conditions under which it has developed in experimental art schools. This anthology is a collection of twenty-one essays and conversations that weave in and out of the two key areas of research and teaching within performative fine art. They bring to light the conventions involved in the production, presentation, reception, and historicization of performance art, as well as the specific cultural and political implications. The various contributions also show how these conventions are ...
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PublisherDroste Effect2016
Imagine a grain and a fencer. A grain of rice, a grain of fabric, a grain of smoke. In a discussion with a fencer, the grain matters little. Here, three projects are examined to consider covert hierarchies. A garden bed spells out Zu Spät (too late). A reconfiguration of the Weinheber Monument by a collaborative group based in Vienna lifts up the earth around its base. A video following the Workers Leaving the Googleplex starts tackling the systemic malaise of ranking workers. These projects are considered for what they achieve in approaching the effects of guilt, through interventions in site ...

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