Suzahn Ebrahimian

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Welcome to The Militant Research Handbook! It’s designed to help you answer the question: what is militant research? Let’s begin by saying that it’s the place where academia and activism meet in the search for new ways of acting that lead to new ways of thinking. Native American activist Andrea Smith quotes her mentor Judy Vaughn to this effect: “You don’t think your way into a different way of acting; you act your way into a different way of thinking.”
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The world ultimately comes down to dreams and their realization. So many dreams compete for our attention. There’s lottery-win dream, with its conjoined reveries of job-quitting and setting your o ce straight about what you think of everyone (or acquiring your company just to re them), which gives you time to buy your own bar so that you can drink for free and throw people out. Most spend years working through the permutations of the big win they will never have. Or there is the moment when your talent is finally revealed, after all these years, and the audience roars at ...

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