Jacob Fabricius

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The phrase “I is for Institute” is at once a declaration, a prompt, and a position. When ICA celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013, we considered our next chapter by digging deep into our archives and reflecting on the many individual artists, curators, and exhibitions that had shaped our history. Taking a step back from these granular investigations, we then began to ask more general questions: Why were we initially formed as an institute? Has the definition of an institute been stable throughout our history, or has it taken on different meanings and inflections over time? What does the notion ...
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Recent years were marked by a growing interest in the forms and formats of presentations and exhibitions. In artistic production as well as in theoretical and historical reflection, the attention increasingly shifted towards how artistic practices are conferred with meaning through their presentation and mediation (from aspects of interior design or labeling, to questions of accessibility), and not only through the works themselves. Especially through examples of exhibitions or displays of museum collections, historical research analyzed the interplay of artistic works and their presentation, which ultimately aimed to connect art and its contextualization within a political sphere. Seminal contributions in ...

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