Jazmina Figueroa

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PublisherFHNW HGK2022
The sixth episode of the series Ages of Receivership: On Generous Listening, Score for Bellapais Abbey by Berlin-based writer Jazmina Figueroa, is based on her online performance with the same title. Score for Bellapais Abbey includes instrumental music and ambient sounds intermingled with spoken word. The series Ages of Receivership: On Generous Listening emerges from the spring 2022 Master Symposium at the Institute Art Gender Nature, moderated by Chus Martínez and Quinn Latimer, in collaboration with Vuslat Foundation.
Cover art
PublisherFag Tips2022
Fag Tips for Artists Space was offered on the occasion of the exhibition Minor Publics by virgil b/g taylor at Artists Space in New York, NY from 4 February to 23 April 2022. It was issued as Fag Tips Utopia Zine 31 and initiated by the prompt put forward by virgil b/g taylor in December 2021: Is an artwork a condition, an object or/and an activity? This book is printed in black and yellow ink and set in Public Sans, a “strong, neutral typeface” developed for the United States federal government. The prompt and the booklet itself are freely given. The individual contributions remain ...

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