Andrea Fraser

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Artists have continually questioned their status and place in society. The widespread vision of the artist as an outsider from the peripheries of social life, a utopia seeker, a celebrity selling works for millions or an erudite nonconformist who voices his or her opinions in the public debate, has spawned many myths concerning their privileges and obligations in the contemporary world. The exhibition formulates a question about the way artists define their status and position in the realm of an ever-widening economic gap: that of the possibility to reconcile dreams of social justice with the needmof artistic freedom and autonomy. At the same time, the show highlights the tension between artists’ rather ...
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Through her performances, Andrea Fraser (Billings, Montana, 1965) examines the social, economic, and emotional structures of the art world. She turns her critical, self-reflexive, and somewhat ironic gaze on different agents in the art field and analyses their roles, motivations, and contradictions. Fraser’s career has been linked to institutional critique from the outset, and her influences include psychoanalysis, feminism, and the theories of Pierre Bourdieu. Appropriation, site specific pieces, performance and body work are some of the strategies Fraser uses to expose the incongruities of the art world while also harnessing its full critical and political potential. SON[I]A talks to Andrea ...
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The materials in Toolkit for Cooperative, Collective, & Collaborative Cultural Work trace a process we have been working through for over a year with over 25 collaborators, mentors, and friends whom we admire. As we reached the final stages of compiling this project to share and distribute publicly, we suddenly found ourselves within the COVID-19 pandemic, an unprecedented global health crisis that has shaken our community, our process, and every aspect of our lives. In the wake of the pandemic, we are reminded that at the heart of our work lies the understanding that wellbeing, integrity, equity, and care is ...

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