Bernard Dionysius Geoghegan

Cover art
The word “geography” literally means “writing the Earth,” and the short pieces collected in this volume represent a wide variety of ways in which this can be accomplished. Each one, in its own way, is a testament to the miraculous coherence which can crystallize within incoherence.
Cover art
It is now October, when the veils between worlds become thin. In this issue, there are human worlds and more-than-human worlds, and the university worlds, world wars, and art worlds that cross between them. Tam Donner plumbs the world we live in. Have you heard the one where universities give out honorary hoods to painters and warmongers alike? Take a look at the class pictures. Andreas Petrossiants follows the lead of Mount Etna, Europe’s oldest active volcano, where Pasolini may have seen a stage—or a screen—on which to feature the volcano’s ability to communize time, showing “linear, European time for ...

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