Sara Giannini

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PublisherThe Volume Project2015
ABOUT UNFOLD #1 A Library Where the Books Have Melted Into One Another and the Titles Have Faded Away Sara Giannini In music, counterpoint is the relationship between two or more voices that are independent in contour and rhythm, and interdependent in harmony. The first installment of Unfold proposes a contrapuntist arrangement for coded texts, found images, field recordings, photocopies, notes and videos extracted from different times and places. Let’s play! Open the folder named “A Library Where the Books Have Melted Into One Another and the Titles Have Faded Away” and you will be led to two series of alphabetically ordered folders. Some of them ...
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PublisherThe Volume Project2017
Sara Giannini Dear Alessandro, thanks so much for your participation to Unfold as our 4th guest curator. Your Unfold#4: daily_unfold(ing) seems to show a structuralist approach to the digital folder, constituting the most meta Unfold issue so far! I am referring to the fact that the folders are rarely only containers but rather enunciation and narrative devices. Where did this exploration of the folder structure lead you? Alessandro Ludovico The folder has been used for its symbolic qualities by net artists and software artists since the ‘90s. These qualities include being a container which has a universal icon, but whose content is only limited by the OS structure or the ...

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