Matthew Shen Goodman

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PublisherTriple Canopy2021
“How do fictions give rise to nations and nationalities? How do they come to be understood as real and fundamental to identity?” An essay on fictional homelands, Potemkin nations, and wonders of the industrial world.
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PublisherTriple Canopy2022
“Lord, have you nothing pretty from China about you? Something that one does not know what to do with?” A video and script that tell of Chinese characters conjured by a New England industrialist to manufacture superior ceramics for the glory of the nation (and amusement of the local Orientalists).
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PublisherTalk is Cheap2020
Here I talk to editor and writer Matthew Shen Goodman. Long time Talk fam, Matt contributed to our first issue for which I will forever be grateful. Matt is an editor at Triple Canopy and frequent contributor to Art in America among a fistful of other cultural and critical platforms. Here we talk about why he dropped out of not one but two prestigious grad programs, circle around the question of the space for idiosyncratic style and interiority in critical writing and why fiction is starting to feel more and more relevant in the early days of 2020. We also get ...

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