Hannes Grassegger

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PublisherSternberg Press2016
“At the heart of this book is a simple and profound proposition: to ‘do’ architecture is to immerse oneself in a conflictual process of material production—participation is not a productive encounter of multiple practitioners and stakeholders, but a set of conflicts, negotiations, maneuvers, and swindles between and within a multiplicity of agents, human and nonhuman alike—equally including architects, clients, financiers, and builders, say, but also silicon, plastic, concrete, each with its conflicting aims and different material means to achieve them. Every building is thus the materialization of such encounter. So, despite the hubris of the field, none of the parties ...
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PublisherKein & Aber2014
Das Kapital bin ich: Schluss mit der Digitalen Leibeigenschaft. Das Manifest für alle Internet-Zweifler und Gegner der virtuellen Manipulation. Für alle, deren Fingerspitzen nur noch Touchscreens berühren, die in YouTube verloren gehen und sich Facebook ausgenommen fühlen. Für alle, die sich den AGBs von Google & Co nicht mehr fügen wollen. Es ist Zeit, sich aus der selbstverschuldeten “Digitalen Leibeigenschaft” zu befreien! Der Ökonom Hannes Grassegger zeigt auf, wie wir zu einem neuen Selbstbewusstsein im Umgang mit unseren Daten finden und auch noch Geld daran verdienen. “Holen wir uns, was uns gehört. Wir sind das Internet.”
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PublisherLibrary Stack2019
This pamphlet transcribes and reformats 3GRADPLUS: A Journey to the End of the World, a public performance by the Swiss journalist Hannes Grassegger, produced by the 2019 International Summer Festival Kampnagel in Hamburg. For the event, Grassegger re-enacted his reporting process for the piece “Der Fall Benjamin Green” [“The Case of Benjamin Green”] in the Swiss weekly Das Magazin, interviewing the writers, scientists, researchers and characters from the piece in the contingent and unpredictable setting of live theater. Some participants were present via video link; a few of Grassegger’s illustrations are reproduced here. Across its three hours, the event moved ...

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