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The issue 1,2,3, — thinking about exhibitions combines discussions, interviews, and articles concerning recent discussions in Rotterdam and Hamburg. The symposium in Rotterdam, The Curators, at Witte de With emphasized the role of the curator-subject. This issue includes two interviews which critically review the contributions and results of the symposium, revealing different aspects and controversial facets of their topics. The two featured interviews include one with Nikolaus Schaffhausen and Zoe Gray, those responsible for the organization of the symposium, as well as one interview with Paul O’Neill, a contributor…
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Accompanying the exhibition Making is Thinking (23 January – 1 May 2011) Witte de With presents its first digital publication. To highlight the importance placed on process by Making is Thinking, the book was developed over the course of the show. Thinking along with the exhibition, it was made available online in installments. The publication can now be downloaded for free in its entirety. It features a historical perspective on craft by Alice Motard; a short story by Yoshiko Nagai, inspired by Teppei Kaneuji’s animation Tower; a conversation between artist Ane Hjort Guttu and Solveig Øvstebø titled The Emancipation of Forms; an ...

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