Matthew Higgs

PublisherEven Magazine2018
For episode 10 of Hidden Noise, hosts Abby Sandler and Rebecca Siegel round up the top four New York City art fairs you should visit this week. In addition to covering the fairs, the hosts are joined by Eater editor Stefanie Tuder who shares her food and drink recommendations to keep you going along the way. Finally, Matthew Higgs, founding curatorial advisor of Independent Art Fair, joins the hosts for the Even 8.
PublisherNorth Drive Press2006
Since 2004 North Drive Press has provided hundreds of artists and arts practitioners with the opportunity to produce and cheaply distribute new works in multiple form. The annual publication has included 7″ records, posters, books, ready-mades, soap, temporary tattoos, photographs, perfume, and more. Interviews and texts—a core part of the project—are conversational, experimental, and available on our website for free download. For NDP#3 and NDP#4, Sara Greenberger Rafferty, another artist committed to collaboration and artist-produced publications, joined North Drive Press as co-editor. Sara and Matt expanded North Drive Press to include exhibition and print publishing programs—separate from but complementary to the annual NDP publication. They organized an evening at New York’s performance ...

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