Michael Ned Holte

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PublisherNorth Drive Press2007
Sara Greenberger Rafferty, another artist committed to collaboration and artist-produced publications, joined North Drive Press as co-editor. Sara and Matt expanded North Drive Press to include exhibition and print publishing programs—separate from but complementary to the annual NDP publication. They organized an evening at New York’s performance venue The Kitchen, published a suite of Exquisite Corpse prints, and exhibited at NADA and various other venues. Becca Albee & Kathleen Hanna Fia Backström & Wade Guyton Jennifer Bornstein & Jonathan Horowitz Sarah Charlesworth & Sara VanDerBeek Ken Gonzales-Day & Edgar Arcenaux Alice Könitz & Michael Ned Holte Eileen Quinlan & Liz Deschenes Frances Stark & Amy Yao Erika Vogt & ...
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Publisheronestar press2014
Consistently skating the line between I and we, Carter Mull’s Typist opens up a space for the artist to act as a producer of his own context. Playing with and blending the formats of artist book and artist monograph, Mull invited individuals and businesses that not only populate his personal and professional networks, but his quotidian routines, to author texts and advertisements through the lens of his own visual poetics. By engaging authors that range from critics and curators to the pizza place by his studio, Mull emphasizes the multiple cultures and economies that inform his work. The publication, edited in ...

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