Campbell Jones

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PublisherMayFly Books2010
The work of Jacques Lacan has become an influential source to most disciplines of the social sciences, and is now considered a standard reference in literary theory, cultural studies and political theory. While management and organization studies has traditionally been preoccupied with questions of making corporations more efficient and productive, it has also mobilized a strong and forceful critique of work, management and capitalism. It is primarily as a contribution to this tradition of critical scholarship that we can see the work of Lacan now emerging. In this edited collection, a number of organizational scholars have made common cause with political ...
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Where 5 Where 5 began with a proposition that Tyler Coburn write a speculative press release for an exhibition he would have enjoyed—but one that nevertheless did not exist. Where took the theme of Coburn’s imagined exhibition and produced three experiments. For the first, Where opened its shipping container “to anyone, to do anything” from September 12 – October 12, 2014. For the second, Where initiated a handwritten letter campaign to established commercial galleries. For the third, Where organized a dinner at one such gallery, David Lewis, entirely comprised of edible parasites. The theme and speculations proposed in Coburn’s press release were withheld ...

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