Vicki Kirby

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If the Anthropocene heralds both a new age of human supremacy and an out-of-control Nature ushering in a premature apocalypse, this living book insists such assumptions must be hacked. Reperforming selections from three live events staged in 2016, 2017 and 2018 in Sydney, Australia, Hacking the Anthropocene offers a series of propositions – argument, augury, poetry, elegy, essay, image, video – that suggest alternative entry points for understanding shifting relationships between humans and nature. Scholars and artists from environmental humanities and related areas of social, political and cultural studies interrogate the assumption of the human “we” as a uniform actor, ...
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“INTRA! INTRA! details an ambitious and provocative project that explores human and posthuman forms of agency within a context of spatial research. The project situates itself around developments in artificial intelligence and technical advances in the mapping and creation of nonhuman subjectivities in relation to the presence of human and nonhuman bodies. The book develops forms of spatial occupation that are not a simulacrum of human movement, but suggest whole new forms of spatial practice and the everyday interactions that might occur between human and nonhuman bodies, and poses profound questions around how a future architecture could be developed and ...

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