Nicole Lambrou

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PublisherArpa Journal2014
The idea of being online is in danger of extinction from redundancy. The Internet has become the principal site of construction, defense, storage and dissemination of new knowledge and social identity alike. Facebook’s population will soon eclipse that of China, and its holdouts nonetheless have well-formed electric selves in the servers of the NSA. As our physical world is increasingly tapped, scanned, streamed, imaged and mapped in realtime, the province of offline is a shrinking territory. In each wave of digitization—the archival, the social, the physical—the evidence of its arrival and its path to maturity are the same: search. For David Joselit, ...
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PublisherThe Avery Review2017
Rebecca Choi revisits the legacy of the Black Panthers in All Power to the People; Wade Cotton and Isabelle Kirkham-Lewitt probe people-producing machines; Robin Hartanto Honggare traces the policing of political assembly in Singapore; and Nicole Lambrou questions what is sustained at Hudson Yards.

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