Carolyn Lazard

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Accessibility in the Arts: A Promise and a Practice is an accessibility guide geared toward small-scale arts nonprofits and the potentially expansive publics these organizations serve. It details specific ways in which disabled people are excluded from cultural spaces and offers possible solutions to those barriers. Moving away from historical and juridical definitions of accessibility, this guide considers the unique capacity of small scale arts organizations to meet the needs of disabled communities. It engages principles of disability justice to think through what can urgently be done to create more equitable and accessible arts spaces…
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PublisherTriple Canopy2019
“I’ve come to understand that the enemy of health is neither pharmaceuticals nor snake oil, but dogma. The body is too unwieldy to fit within the schema of authoritative interpretation.” An essay on belief, biomedicine, and the pursuit of alternative modes of care. “The World is Unknown” by Carolyn Lazard is part of Risk Pool, the twenty-fourth issue of Triple Canopy, that asks: how are sickness and wellness defined, and by whom? What are the effects of these definitions, these acts of naming and describing?

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