Zoe Lorenz

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PublisherJoshua Citarella2021
Building on his research for his landmark 2018 publication Politigram & the Post-left, artist Joshua Citarella has been conducting a series of interviews with Gen Z users who post radical political content on social media, as part of a forthcoming Rhizome commission. This event brought together three of the most sophisticated figures he has encountered through this research, all of whom are associated with the fragmented online communities known as “post-Left.” For the event, each participant was asked to prepare micro-lectures describing possible and preferred scenarios for politics and society over the next twenty-five years, and to comment on the role of internet culture in shaping ...
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Cover art
PublisherJoshua Citarella2022
Over the course of nearly two years, 2016-18, Zoe Lorenz gathered this extensive list of links spanning political theory, history, philosophy and more. To my knowledge, this is the most comprehensive document of a young person’s politicization during a unique period of internet culture and American history. I hope that this project can help us to better understand the online environments that now shape young people’s beliefs and understanding of the world.

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