Benoît Maire

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When an unexpected invitation to write a text on French artist Benoît Maire landed in my inbox, I realised it had been more than ten years since I last engaged with his work. Back then, I was living in London and running a curatorial project space called FormContent while Maire was often visiting the city for various exhibitions. As part of the research towards the writing commission, I was invited to spend a few days in Rome at Villa Medici, the French Academy situated at the top of Trinità dei Monti. Benoît Maire is currently one of the 2021-2022 Visual Arts ...
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Publisheronestar press2014
In this book, Benoît Maire addresses his father, transcendental indexation, and the pleasures of being. The language in this text-based piece is non-standard and slang. In addition, the english translation of Catherine Malabou’s essay The Dialectical Simplification is published here in book form for the first time. The Long Godbeye — a book every one should read before travelling to the West Coast.
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In this text written for the 2016 UNdocumenta film festival in Gwangju, Anne-Françoise Schmid investigates the relation between film and philosophy, and presents a series of mini film-scripts to explore the method of ‘without.’ Accompanied by images from Benoît Maire’s series Cloud Painting.

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