Marisa Mazria-Katz

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PublisherNew Models2020
Artist and writer MARIAM GHANI and Editorial Director of Eyebeam, MARISA MAZRIA KATZ speak to New Models about Ghani’s new work Dis-Ease, a forthcoming essay-film that considers how the metaphors we use to speak about illness and contagion affect the ways in which we prepare and respond to epidemics and treat those afflicted and affected by them. This podcast is part of New Models’ series for TENTACULAR (Extremophilia edition), a “festival of critical technologies & digital adventures” curated by Julia Kaganskiy and José Luis de Vicente for Matadero Madrid, 2019. FOR MORE Dis-Ease (site): Dis-Ease (vid. excerpt):…re-of-journalism/ Mariam Ghani is an artist, writer, ...

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