Scott McQuire

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Light symbolises the highest good, it enables all visual art, and today it lies at the heart of billion-dollar industries. The control of light forms the foundation of contemporary vision. Digital Light brings together artists, curators, technologists and media archaeologists to study the historical evolution of digital light-based technologies. Digital Light provides a critical account of the capacities and limitations of contemporary digital light-based technologies and techniques by tracing their genealogies and comparing them with their predecessor media. As digital light remediates multiple historical forms (photography, print, film, video, projection, paint), the collection draws from all of these histories, connecting them to ...
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The Urban Screens Reader is the first book to focus entirely on the topic of urban screens. In assembling contributions from a range of leading theorists, in conjunction with a series of case studies dealing with artists’ projects and screen operators’ and curators’ experiences, the reader offers a rich resource for those interested in the intersections between digital media, cultural practices and urban space. Urban Screens have emerged as a key site in contemporary struggles over public culture and public space. They form a strategic junction in debates over the relation between technological innovation, the digital economy, and the formation of ...
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PublisherStrelka Press2021
Author of ‘Geomedia: Networked Cities and the Future of Public Space’ Scott McQuire about using residents’ data makes their lives better, using and knowing next points: 2:00 — Digital media and urbanism 3:40 — Media behavior in city short history 9:57 — What mobile platforms bring for us and city 11:45 — How digital instruments were integrated in urbanism 13:25 — Sociological view on the issue 16:23 — Open sourse city agenda 17:41 — Urban forest project in Melbourne example 22:57 — Public space as the most important part of city for practicing social cooperation 32:02 — Projections’ and light installations’ functions 37:30 — Rethink city in context of network ...

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