Trinh T. Minh-ha

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The Notes on Feminisms section is a series of newly commissioned essays. Each writer has been asked to discuss an issue or issues relating to feminisms that she/he considers urgent. The essays have been commissioned by the FAC and participating institutions. We encourage you to download and print these new publications for use in your gallery or institution. This collection will grow over the course of the project, so check back for new essays.
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For its third issue, Qalqalah continues to circulate ideas and practices, and to exchange resources concerning artistic and cultural issues in the ongoing hope of broadening its reach beyond familiar readers. By publishing the articles quarterly, the Reader renews its format to better resonate with the interrogations posed by the artists and theoreticians invited by KADIST, Bétonsalon and Villa Vassilieff. Conceived closely with the teams at the three art centers, I have been entrusted to conceive of the editorial line of this composite issue as Associate Editor. By the small displacement that this perspective confers in relation to the programming ...
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In today’s age of migration, human migration is said to be the defining issue of the twenty-first century. The rising phenomena of displacement that used to be a problem of other parts of the world has more recently reached the shores of European countries. Political events are causing the European Union to face a mass influx of refugees from outside the region, therefore propelling it to grapple with the crisis of immigration as, first and foremost, a crisis of politics. With globalization, such events, coupled with the advent of new technology and social media, have substantially changed our sense of ...

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