Ivana Momčilović

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Based on Walter Benjamin’s seminal essay “The Author as Producer”, an array of theorists have developed approaches towards an aesthetics of production. The texts of this issue investigate how Benjamin’s arguments may serve as a ground for reflecting and theorizing current art practices. What are the consequences of political art’s function of “supplying the capitalist production apparatus, not changing it”? How can artistic methods subvert cooptation following Brecht and Tretyakov? Where are there new models of artists/intellectuals as producers and “specialists” rather than experts for the universal?
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PublisherRabRab Press2015
The second issue of Rab-Rab is in two volumes, all together in 500 pages. The focus of the second issue is ‘noise against culture.’ The contributions deal with the formal theory of noise, politics of contradictions, the device of estrangement, materialist film, music and violence, Futurism, Russian avant-garde, improvisation, void, heterophonies, swearwords, communism, ideologies of marriage, class wars and electricity. Departing from our programme based on the understanding of art practice as a confrontation between formal and political inquiries, our aim in this issue is to use noise as the name for this difficult, disturbing, loud and coercive exploration. In many ...
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PublisherRabRab Press2016
Rab-Rab Talks # 1 Ivana Momčilović on Learning, Non-Useful Art, and Anti-Fascism In conversation with Rab-Rab, Momčilović will talk about her collective projects with Alain Badiou, Jacques Rancière and Natacha Michel, today’s leading theoreticians and writers, with whom she has collaborated since the nineties. Momčilović will comment on the emancipatory potential of Badiou’s and Rancière’s theses on understanding current political and artistic practices. Her focus will be on the educational research project, Ph.D. in One Night, in which she has worked since several years together with contemporary dancers, experimental musicians, and visual artists. Ph.D. in One Night claims re-evaluation of non-useful, ...

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