Enrico Monacelli

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In this live podcast, socially-distanced Urbanomic-adjacent guests from across the planet join us from their respective lockdown cells to share personal and speculative views on the Coronavirus era. With Matt Colquhoun (Xenogothic), Amy Ireland, Nyx Land, Shaun Lewin, Robin Mackay, Mattin, Enrico Monacelli, Thomas Moynihan, Reza Negarestani, Katherine Pickard, Miguel Prado, Laura Tripaldi. CONTENT WARNING: FOUL LANGUAGE, DEGENERATE PHILOSOPHERS, COGNITIVE TURPITUDE, ACCELERATIONISM
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As a new volume of Mark Fisher’s K-Punk writings appears in Italian translation, Enrico Monacelli and Massimo Filippi struggle with the ambivalent jouissance of their untimely call to Deep Futurism and the paradox of their recovery, rehabilitation, and re-present-ation.

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