Oli Mould

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PublisherFailed Architecture2018
Video games have changed the way we interact with space. From their very inception, these increasingly complex virtual worlds have been forcing new perspectives and new ways of interacting with the world beyond. Once they were able to represent cities, their role in shaping our everyday urban experience became even more acute, thrusting players into environments that they would otherwise have never come close to and exposing them to representations of urban life which will have had countless effects on the way players experienced cities in real life. But while it’s long been accepted that film, music and other established forms ...
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Using public space free from the conventional framework of compliant consumption, skaters have always endured a contested relationship with the city, often driven from public spaces either by law or through the exclusionary design of rails, benches and kerbs. 
In 2013, one of the most successful skating spots in the UK, the Southbank Undercroft in London also came under threat as part plans to build commercial restaurants and retail developments in their place. A grassroots campaign bringing together skaters, public space activists and architects among many others, successfully defeated the proposals and saved the undercroft. At the Oslo Triennale, Chris ...

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