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The cooperation between the World of Art programme (in frame of of the SCCA−Ljubljana, Center for Contemporary Art) from Ljubljana and the Postgraduate Programme in Curating , Zürich, has taken place on different levels from spring 2011 till summer 2012; it has involved intensive visits of students and lecturers in both cities as well as a shared project that was carried out at International Centre of Graphic Arts (MGLC) in Ljubljana; this is being followed up by the present anthology of articles taken from the World of Art Archive archive of lectures and conversations from 1997 till today. Texts, conversations ...
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This issue of OnCurating consists of a variety of texts and interviews, which were developed out of interviews from participants connected to the Postgraduate programme in Curating ( Many of the authors and interviewees gave lectures and participated in the programme over the last four years, adding to the dialogue in the postgraduate programme, as well as other curators in the field. In the spirit of slowing down, in sometimes rather a hastily discourse, we would like to present them to a broad public, which engages with our main topics: politics of display, politics of site and politics of transfer and ...

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