Grace Ndiritu

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PublisherHome Cooking2021
HOME COOKING is a digital artist-run space started in March 2020 featuring activities, movement, music, poetry, video, and more.
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By the end of the 21st century, the Silver City, once known as Nottingham, has learned that change is the only constant. Whether its inhabitants were born there or arrived as refugees, all carry indelible memories of bewilderment and escape, of love, regret and transformation. Spinning through six decades of crisis and collapse, their stories ask: how do ordinary people fit into the great sweep of history?
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PublishersP!WkshpsHome Cooking2020
Third episode of an experimental virtual lecture, talk show, and Sunday sermon, with a dose of group karaoke thrown in! Using Prem Krishnamurthy’s P!DF, v.6.0.0 as a score, this episode moves beyond bumpiness to think about how communities emerge. It features special guests Connie Samaras, Emily Smith, Grace Ndiritu, Julie Shafer, Prakash Janakiraman, Sam Thorne, and others. ——

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