Veronica Olivotto

PublisherThe Distance Plan2015
The Distance Plan, Journal Issue 3, 2015 ‘Climate and Precarity’, The Distance Plan Journal’s third issue, sets out to survey how migration, environmental crisis and climate activism are debated in relation to capitalism and its alternatives. Taking Judith Butler’s notion of precarity – the destruction of the conditions of liveability – as a starting point, the issue brings together texts and artist pages that speak about the relationship between ecological and economic precarity. A recurring question is how climate change is most effectively represented as an issue of social justice, and the role of artists and thinkers in developing a critical ...
PublisherThe Distance Plan2019
What is the relation between charisma and information? How fast can a well-turned phrase move? How does it age? In this issue of The Distance Plan we consider how, occasionally, facts or argumentative claims float free from their point of origin to become hyper-portable and cross-disciplinary. We call these memorable, animated phrases “charismatic facts” and suggest they can be found at the intersection of flair and research, savvy and data, linguistic craft and political utility. Though charismatic facts may remain lightly tethered to, and therefore validated by, their authorial or institutional home, they are at the same time un-ordinary in ...

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