Michael Oswell

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Artists have continually questioned their status and place in society. The widespread vision of the artist as an outsider from the peripheries of social life, a utopia seeker, a celebrity selling works for millions or an erudite nonconformist who voices his or her opinions in the public debate, has spawned many myths concerning their privileges and obligations in the contemporary world. The exhibition formulates a question about the way artists define their status and position in the realm of an ever-widening economic gap: that of the possibility to reconcile dreams of social justice with the needmof artistic freedom and autonomy. At the same time, the show highlights the tension between artists’ rather ...
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We have our own concept of Time and Motion comes from a growing network of artists who have formed around Auto Italia and its programme and, although a long time coming, is a logical conclusion of artists finding affinity with each others projects, ideas and aspirations. This publication (produced in two parts) outlines a live programme which will see Auto Italia become a base for the production of new work and ideas, pushing artists to the forefront of collaborations with other fields. Produced by Auto Italia in collaboration with Federico Campagna, Huw Lemmey, Michael Oswell and Charlie Woolley this project showcases ...

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