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A Euro is a Euro is a Euro: Fieldwork in European Realism appears online in issue 2 of Fictional Journal and is reproduced in the Propaganda pdf document. As a singular embodiment of matter and representation, the Euro-skulptur is as abstract as money, as tangible as cash. An essay and animations analyse the sculpture as a material symbol of the European Union. Euro cash is European Realism, it is a representation of things as they actually are, it is the sincere, un-idealised rendition of contemporary life in the EU. we normally look at architecture, or more broadly at the built environment, as the interface ...
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How can you navigate towards something when there are no fixed points when you cannot determine your position? How do you know where to go, or even know when you have got there? This fourth volume in the Archifutures series investigates how architecture, traditionally considered to be a future?oriented activity, can best respond as we find ourselves on the threshold of a “post-futurist” condition where the future is not necessarily ahead of us, but everywhere and – perhaps most especially – “now”. Contributors include: Nora Akawi, Florian Bengert, Filipe Estrela, Mariabruna Fabrizi, Nikita Gyawali, Ana Jeini, Holly Lewis, Fosco Lucarelli, Brett ...
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For the second session of Taming the Horror Vacui, Haseeb Ahmed and Rib invited Rotterdam-based artist Michiel Huijben to give a workshop and Ahmed produced a collaborative artwork with him. Normally the one-to-one sessions between Ahmed and guests take place at Rib. Their output is a series of collaborative tabletops. The Coronavirus epidemic imposed the closure of public places and enforced domestic confinement, hence the meeting between Ahmed and Huijben had to happen online. The tabletop became a digital canvas. Huijben’s practice is deeply influenced by architecture. His lecture performances and installations present references and stories from the discipline. The idea ...

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