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Newly published by ROMA Publications in a yearly format, this inaugural issue of The Serving Library Annual is realised in collaboration with Public Fiction, a journal and exhibition-maker based in Los Angeles. Public Fiction’s next project, which runs broadly concurrent to this new Annual’s lifespan, is named The Conscientious Objector — a multifaceted endeavour commissioned by West Hollywood City Council that unfurls in parts from September 2017 to April 2018. These bulletins have been conceived as one part: they deal with acts of civil disobedience and other forms of resistance, particularly in view of the relationship between entertainment and power. Contributors ...
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PublisherKunsthalle Zürich2017
This booklet was released at the launch of the campaign Wages For Wages Against on March 2017 during the exhibition Speak, Lokal at Kunsthalle Zürich. It attempts to answer a simple question: why are artists not paid when they provide a service to an institution, in the form of an exhibition or else? It gathers a series of interviews with Harry Burke (artist & Curator at Artists Space, NY), Bathazar Lovay (artist & Director of Fri Art Fribourg), Bea Schlingelhoff (artist & Head of BFA at ZHdK, Zürich), Lise Soskolne (artist & Organizer of W.A.G.E., New York) and Judith Welter (Director ...

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