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Descent to Revolution draws on a discourse of revolutionary action, revolutionary language and revolutionary theory to thread together and situate revolution in the present moment. It features interviews, commissioned texts and work by five international artist collectives that use urban spaces and social spheres as primary means of engagement. It examines how slow, incremental shifts in social behavior generate knowledge and action that lead to long-term changes in how we engage with one another and our environments. The publication includes a commissioned text by Claire Fontaine and extensive interviews with Red76 and REINIGUNGSESELLSCHAFT.
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Exact Imagination is about the experience of art, however one may have it, via gallery exhibitions, social encounters, books, reproductions, academics, or simply by being alive. Taking its inspiration and title from the Frankfurt School philosopher Theodor Adorno and his analysis of aesthetic experience in which he argues that subjective and objective forces collide to determine a viewer’s perceptual reception of art—how it makes them feel, what they take away from it, what they draw up inside of them to relate to it—it includes art that encourages both concrete and immaterial aesthetic explorations. With this in mind, Exact Imagination investigates the ...

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