Aki Sasamoto

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AUGUST 2018 AKI SASAMOTO Talking in Circles in Talking (Ice Sound), 11 min. 25 sec. Sound of the installation Talking in Circles in Talking with ice melting over bowls, amplified via homemade microphones.
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PublisherSculpture Center2016
Ancient Egyptians regarded the balls that dung beetles diligently form as a symbol of the earth. According to Jean-Henri Fabre’s 1921 Book of Insects, the creature was admired for its cosmic synchronicity: creating microcosms by rolling up feces and dirt, it was engaged in sacred activity. However, as Fabre explains in the chapter “The Sacred Beetle,” the beetle’s balls are actually a food source: “It is not at all nice food. For the work of this Beetle is to scour the filth from the surface of the soil. The ball he rolls so carefully is made of his sweepings from ...
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