Gabriele de Seta

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In this PlaguePod we try to look away from the dying embers of the West. Guests in to discuss differing responses to the coronavirus crisis, sinofuturism, and post-soviet accelerationism include Bogna Konior (Hong Kong), Vince Garton (London), Dino Ge Zhang (Wuhan, just out of quarantine), Gabriele de Seta (Taipei/Italy), Amy Ireland (Sydney) Brandon Cheong (Singapore). Plus the Reza Remix Competition!
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In their new work research collective Ippolita provides a critical investigation of the inner workings of Facebook as a model for all commercial social networks. Facebook is an extraordinary platform that can generate large profit from the daily activities of its users. Facebook may appear to be a form of free entertainment and self-promotion but in reality its users are working for the development of a new type of market where they trade relationships. As users of social media we have willingly submitted to a vast social, economic and cultural experiment. By critically examining the theories of Californian right-libertarians, Ippolita show ...

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