Dimitrina Sevova

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Ready to Print was a project conceived as an innovative format, a crossover between contemporary art, media and design. We asked thirteen artists with differing backgrounds and formal interests to produce PDF editions. Each of them produced a work consisting of 16 DIN A4 pages of paper which in most cases were assembled to form a single two-dimensional work in DIN A0 format. These contemporary editions are downloadable as PDFs at www.oncurating.org, issue 10. The editions are available to everyone in the world who has a computer, a printer, and tape at his or her disposal…
Cover art
Alexandra Kollontai was a Russian revolutionary who was appointed commissar of social welfare after the October Revolution and later one of the world’s first woman ambassadors. She fought for abortion rights, secularized marriage, and paid maternity leave—and considered “comradely love” to be a political force. This reader, in which artists and thinkers revisit Kollontai’s legacy in light of current feminist struggles, stems from a research project by CuratorLab at Konstfack and Tensta konsthall that accompanied Dora García’s exhibition “Red Love.” It also features the first English translation of the 1977 biographical play Kollontai by Swedish writer Agneta Pleijel.

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