Michael E. Smith

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PublisherSculpture Center2012
A Disagreeable Object brings together 20 artists who employ and borrow from the methods and artistic practices that the Surrealists developed in the first half of the century. This is not an exhaustive survey, nor an attempt to re-consider our understanding of Surrealism as an historical movement. Rather, the exhibition offers a view of contemporary sculpture identifying influences and attitudes that have filtered through decades of cultural production. The works in A Disagreeable Object respond to a decidedly contemporary context…
Cover art
PublisherSculpture Center2015
Emptied out. Stirring to life. Possessed. Propagating. Frozen. These are some of the states induced by Michael E. Smith’s exhibition, where old things are seemingly left to their own devices. Leftover things, extracted from their original mechanism, but with the potential for new life, Smith’s sculptures occupy a moment of transformation. Temporarily suspended between one existence and another, they buzz with the subtle electricity of becoming…

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