Sheida Soleimani

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PublisherRhizome2017 laments the death of Reyhaneh Jabbari, who was convicted and hanged in Iran on October 25, 2014 for the alleged murder of her rapist.
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QAW was incorporated in the State of Rhode Island on March 2, 2020 to support artists and writers with free, open access to space and resources for experimental publishing, with a special focus on queer practices. QAW includes a non-circulating library of books, zines, tools, objects, and downloadable files, a shared publishing studio (with Binch Press), including extensive risograph, screen-printing, letterpress, and other print and publishing resources, and digital meeting spaces. Programming includes Studio Residencies, Studio Membership, Open Library Hours, Open Studios, workshops, publishing, and online Queer Hangouts. QAW aims to be accountable, to center marginalized voices through intersectional work, ...
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ISSUE #3 (Urgentcraft) assembles 18 artists and writers who prioritize maintenance as a form of urgency. Upon receipt, this publication e x p a n d s in the hands of its reader, filling an enormous space with queer feeling. It shapes a landscape that speaks of visibility, of a commitment to pleasure, of kinship networks, of memory, of closely re-written histories, of engaged dialogue, of riptides, of affective space beyond the material, of a failed, imperfect read. Of communal care as a never-ending practice.

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