Lars Spuybroek

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This digital publication presents H2Oexpo, an immersive environment designed by Lars Spuybroek that was capable of invoking water abstractly through volume, sloping ground planes, dynamic lighting, projected patterns and images, sound and other kinesthetic means. The project, located in a recreational area in the southwest of the Netherlands called WaterLand, was commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management as a centre for visitors to learn about and experience the nation’s relationship with water. Spuybroek’s design merges a sinuous topological tubular space with digital images that wrap around floor, wall and ceiling surfaces. As part of a multiyear ...
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PublisherSarai, CSDS2002
This year’s Sarai Reader brings together a range of critical thinking on urban life and the contemporary, marked by spreading media cultures, new social conflict and globalisation. Scholars, media practitioners, critics and activists use a flow of images, memories and hidden realities to create a fascinating array of original interventions in thinking about cities today. In the context of India, where a large part of this reader has been edited, this is significant, given the frugality of writing on city life in this part of the world. With essays, images, analyses, and manifestoes The Cities of Everyday Life reflects on ...

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