Charles Stankievech

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Air Raid Precautions, Handbook No.11 1939/2014   The majority of errors in the field of aesthetics spring from the eighteenth century’s false premise in the field of ethics. – Charles Baudelaire Camouflage of Large Installations is a rare World War II handbook created by the British Government as a guide for factory owners to implement the then new theories of camouflage in order to protect industrial assets.  The handbook is composed of three sections: instructional, advertising by corporations supplying camouflage services and full-page colour swatches.  The full-page colour swatches are particularly beautiful and when viewed aesthetically are interesting forerunners to the history of monochromes, specifically Yves Klein’s ...
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Fantasies of the Library is a sequence of pages wherein the reader-as-exhibition-viewer learns, rather surprisingly—but with growing conviction—that the library is not only a curatorial space, but that its bibliological imaginary is also a fertile territory for the exploration of paginated affairs in the Anthropocene.

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