Jelena Vesic

Living with Ghosts: Legacies of Colonialism and Fascism is a constellation of essays, conversations and images that point to the manner in which the legacies of colonialism and fascism reverberate in our present conjuncture. The impulse for producing this issue was a question of whether it may be possible to trace the connections between the violences of the colonial project through the horrors of fascism to current forms of racism, identitarianism and populism – what we initially called ‘an arc’ of colonialism-nationalism-fascism. These shifts are palpable in the contemporary political uncertainties expressed in this collection of texts. Each of the contributors reflect ...
Publisheronestar press2004
Radiodays is a temporary radio station that the Curatorial Training Program organized in April 2005 at Stichting De Appel, Amsterdam. During one month artists, writers, musicians and theorists were invited to produce new works, lend existing works or interpret them specifically for the radio broadcast. Radiodays book is published as a reflection on the broadcast and on radio as a format in itself. From different points of view the authors of the book search for a possible interpretation of the program, try to explain the motivation from the organizational site and review the realization itself.

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