Yeah, I have tinnitus by now but it’s not so bad.. I’ve DJed a lot of parties and made a lot of mixtapes over the years… And now you can listen and download most of them right here. The best place to begin is 2001’s game-changing live 3-turntable mix, Gold Teeth Thief. This influenced a lot of people & opened many ears; over a decade later, the world sounds a lot more like I was hearing/blending it back then.

Here’s a list of most of my mixes in chronological order for free download as V0 mp3s. After the list you’ll find cover art & brief commentary on each one, presented in a ‘suggested listening’ order. If my course through the world of sound has moved you over the y/ears, please consider a donation.

EPIPHANY SCHOOL – over 8 hours of Rupture mixes from 2001-2012!

DJ /rupture – Gold Teeth Thief (2001)
DJ /rupture – Minesweeper Suite (2002)
DJ /rupture – Bidoun Sessions (2004)
DJ /rupture – Low Income Tomorrowland (2005)
DJ /rupture – Secret Google Cheat Codes (2007)
DJ /rupture – Porque Soy Sonidero Y Voy A Muchos Lugares (2008)
DJ /rupture – Uproot (2008)
DJ /rupture – Cumbia Mix for BBC1 (2009)
DJ /rupture & Matt Shadetek – Solar Life Raft (2009)
DJ /rupture & Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts – Harlem Is Nowhere (2011)
DJ /rupture – Change The Mood (2012)
DJ /rupture – Sunset Park Rent Strike mix (2012)

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