This video of the Henderson House inspired me to get in touch with Mark Voelker to take a tour. The house was build by Girard Henderson (the former director of Avon) in 1978 and was a model residence for his company “Underground World Homes”. Voelker is part of the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, a group that purchased the Henderson House to entice High Net Worth individuals to sign up to be frozen. When he was showing me around the 15,200 square foot suburban luxury bunker, he explained that the only things they have added to the space are a demonstration Cryogenic chamber Mark described as “like a thermos, for a person” and two stripper poles. The Flintstones style BBQ embedded in a fake rock and the grotto-like pool are all original.

This entry is included in Library Stack as part of the collection Apocalyptic Lifestyles.


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