Message in a Bottle is an assemblage of interlocking plastic bottles that are intended for water, medical supplies and then used as building elements to create a shelter in the event of a natural catastrophe. Each bottle includes a “micro-message” – a story of how to reuse plastic bottles, making evident their effect on the global plastisphere — visible to viewers with the help of optic lens. The installation is designed as an interactive playspace, where bottles can be used as building blocks containing secret messages.

Message in a Bottle fosters a dialogue on topics relating to recycling of industrial products as building materials and on alternative practices where materials exist only in phases and have multiple lives. Based on the economic theory of “degrowth,” the project questions the limits of linear progress imposed in all aspects of production and daily life and in particular the material ramifications of persevering growth, only serving the growth of capital itself, rather than the making of cities of urban environments.

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