Tools for playground is a toolkit to let people interact and modify space through “play” and on the creation of game dynamics.

Playing is also a revolutionary act as in this dimension we can get rid of pre-constituted systems. With playful architectures we can relieve the constraints of form/function.

Tools for Playground’s goal is to temporarily transform space into a playful dimension, favoring the interaction with the context and between people of any age, sex and nationality.

These tools want to play with rules, leaving players free to arbitrarily invent their own.

With few indications and simple tools, we can create objectives, parallel universes and can be transformed into new characters, fantastic alter-egos.

Tools for Playground is a statement about the importance of playful, unproductive time in which we have the opportunity of re-interpreting, shaping and re-creating reality and space.

Most of the elements in the box have been handcrafted or collected and up-cycled.

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