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The Áltá-Guovdageino Action (c. 1978–82) changed the course of Sami and Nordic history. This exhibition showcases the role of Sami artists in the action, and the solidarity of non-Sami counterparts. It also presents contemporary artistic positions, Sami and international, exploring the legacy of this Eco-Indigenous uprising today, at a time of growing global Indigenous power.
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‘Alexander Kluge. Raw Materials: Present Impressions, Past Wishes and Future Fulfillment’ presents a selection of the filmmaker’s eclectic collection of ‘raw materials’, a series of television programmes assembling photographs, drawings, diagrams and diverse footage construed to ‘strengthen the muscles of [our] power of imagination’. Alexander Kluge, a central figure of the German cultural landscape – as a film-maker, writer and television producer – has been tackling for the past fifty years with the capacity of fantasy to organise individual experience otherwise concealed by structures of consciousness and the screens capturing our attention.

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