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PublisherOnassis Foundation2022
A volume on artificial intelligence, which attempts to disassemble and reformulate what one might understand as AI by taking apart both notions of ‘artificiality’ and ‘intelligence’ and seeing what new meaning they produce when recombined. We summon the trickster of the natural order, chimera, both a mythical creature and a genetic phenomenon. Drawing upon chimerism allows us to broaden ‘artificial intelligence’ into ‘synthetic cognition’⁠—an approach that highlights the duality of ‘artificial’ and ‘authentic’, amplifies non-human methods of cognition and anticipates modes of symbiosis. With this aim, the editors, Ilan Manouach and Anna Engelhardt, assembled an inventory in which one can find contributions ...
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PublisherOnassis Foundation2020
The catalog “For Ever More Images?” gathers an interdisciplinary group of artists, thinkers, and activists to interrogate the all-seeing eyes and ever-multiplying black boxes that increasingly govern our lives. In the present moment, we use machines to capture almost everything we see; at the same time, we are constantly being photographed by machines without our consent or awareness. Our faces, emotions, habits, beliefs, and data are being collected, stored, and valued in massive and invisible ways, serving warfare, surveillance, global capital, and risk management systems whose aim is to predict the future and produce profit. Our world sometimes feels like ...
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PublisherOnassis Foundation2018
The future never felt closer than it does today. A series of environmental, technological and social shifts are affecting today’s world and the human’s role within it. Continuous urbanization, the impact of the anthropogenic activity on the natural environment, the increasing use of algorithmic systems in all sectors of life, and the growing asymmetries of power among territories and populations, are all central issues at stake. How possible is it to address the future and the changes already taking place? This item is publicly available as part of the Library Stack Public Branch at NN Contemporary Art.

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