Saga provides a basic framework to self-host media, track where it lands online through a back-end interface, and make discrete, time-based alterations to the work. When you self-host your work and publish it using the Saga framework, every distinct plot where your work is shown becomes your space. You can choose to manipulate that space at your leisure, and those who share your work assume that risk when they choose to show it. If someone posts your work next to something you don’t like, then say something, or obscure your work with a graphic expression. If someone is profiting from selling ads next to your work, charge them whatever you see fit for continuing to show it. For Tumblr teens in the UK only, make the first 500 plays free, and then have it dramatically self-destruct, or have it replaced with a video of cattle grazing. If you agree with someone who posted your work, the work can be used as a channel to communicate that. Saga offers you the foundation for those possibilities, today. Release 1.0, presented here, comes with some template expressions, graciously designed by Other Means, and installation documentation that will be updated with answers to any questions that come up in the next few months.

For installation, setup instructions, and contributions: GitHub.

For more information:

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