Today’s economic system is socially and environmentally fatal.

What would you hope to gain and be afraid to lose if economic growth stopped?

The future is a consequence of what we do today.

The discipline of Future Studies shows that human actions are guided by myths and metaphors, and that these are often unconscious. If we don’t bring these myths and metaphors up to the surface, and “un-learn” them, change is often hard to achieve and the future ends up being a replica of today.

A radically different future can only come about if we start doing things differently and challenge what we take for granted.

We have used degrowth theory as a basis to rethink the future society and illustrate another way of life. Our project starts from the future we want to be in, in order to show what the society might look like on the other side of a radical change. While focusing on the physical transformation of urban spaces, we want you to reflect upon what it would be like to live in such a society and highlight the changes we need to work for.

We invite you to help us think about what we need to change today to get us there tomorrow.

What would you do with your free time if you were working less for paid-work? What local activities would you value being a part of? What has to change if the things you need are to be produced close to where you live? Would you accept to stop eating exotic fruits and buy 5€ t-shirts? How can we practice cherishing the local rather than the exotic, and the worn and tried rather than the new? How does it appear to you a green and car-free city centre that can no longer quench your thirst for material acquisition? What would you want from a centre that is not based on consumption? Do we really need a car and house to be happy? What about sharing them? If we start to own things together, can we change the way we perceive community?

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