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PublisherDeluge Books2022
Amor Cringe explores the dually base and beautiful aspects of self-obsessed media culture. In a perennial bohemian style, an unnamed, ungendered protagonist travels from coast to coast and affair to affair, stumbling upon various moments of failure, absurd insight, and flashes of transcendence. Half traditionally-written and half AI-generated, Amor Cringe is a “deepfake autofiction” novelette about a TikTok influencer that seeks God, created with the intention to be “as cringe as possible.” The result is a painfully self-aware series of encounters that exfoliate the repulsive and fascinating aesthetics of romantic life under social media.
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PublisherOnassis Foundation2022
A volume on artificial intelligence, which attempts to disassemble and reformulate what one might understand as AI by taking apart both notions of ‘artificiality’ and ‘intelligence’ and seeing what new meaning they produce when recombined. We summon the trickster of the natural order, chimera, both a mythical creature and a genetic phenomenon. Drawing upon chimerism allows us to broaden ‘artificial intelligence’ into ‘synthetic cognition’⁠—an approach that highlights the duality of ‘artificial’ and ‘authentic’, amplifies non-human methods of cognition and anticipates modes of symbiosis. With this aim, the editors, Ilan Manouach and Anna Engelhardt, assembled an inventory in which one can find contributions ...
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The text of this book was generated by the neural network GPT-2 trained on the complete tutorial data of iFixit. For each sentence, the text-to-image neural network Dall-E 2 generated a corresponding image. The abundance of tutorials is one of the internet’s greatest achievements. Tutorial culture not only runs counter to the monopolist, surveillance platform capitalism most digital technology is part of today. It also represents freely shared knowledge and empowers its users to unravel the black boxes that surround us – two aspects of the early internet imaginary that seem to have prevailed. And yet, they too are bound to ...
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PublisherSorry Press2020
The third report is a deep conversation between two unlike actors. Based on the principles of the surrealist technique cadavre exquis (exquisite corpse), the first actor sets topic and tone, and the second one finishes his statement or answers his question subsequentially. Of course, the binary cut-ups are about the essence of life only. Sorry. DISCLAIMER: IRRELIGION IS A PHILOSOPHICAL EXCHANGE BETWEEN A SOULFUL HUMAN BEING AND A MODERN NEURAL NETWORK TO CONTEMPLATE GODS, OTHER MEANINGS OF LIFE AND GENERATE CONTEMPORARY DISCOURSE.
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Version Space is a series of pamphlets transcribing conversations among artists and graduate students in visual art regarding Artificial Intelligence and related topics, convened and edited by Angie Keefer in collaboration with Library Stack, and funded by Library Stack and the Artistic Research program of the Sandberg Instituut, where Keefer was a research fellow in the Department of Fine Arts for the academic years 2018-19 and 2019-20. The conversations take place via videoconference, are recorded, transcribed by an AI, then edited for clarity by humans. The series title borrows from a machine learning framework conceived in the 1980s as a ...
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PublisherLibrary Stack2022
The following conversation between K Allado-McDowell, Callum Dean, and myself occurred via Zoom on Wednesday, 14 July, 2021, at 9:00 New York/14:00 London. GPT-3 was subsequently invited, with Callum’s help, to respond at the end of the editing process to a series of prompts I selected from our conversation. Callum solicited multiple responses to each prompt, and I chose from among these the responses that I found most relevant and/or most surprising. In several instances, GPT-3’s entire, unedited response to a prompt has been included. In other cases, I have selected only a portion of an entire response, just as ...

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