This sourcebook is a gathering of documentation on the labeling of all the materials that have gone into the exhibition Blind Sensorium. Il paradosso dell’Antropocene in Matera at the “Domenico Ridola” National Museum of Archaeology and in the spaces of the former “Alessandro Volta” school, from 6 September 2019 to 8 March 2020.

The photographic images – which for the installation in Basilicata have been reproduced and printed in A4 and A3 format on specially prepared panels – are joined on these pages by the reproduction of materials contained in the “Domenico Ridola” Museum, which we have chosen as an integral part of the exhibition itinerary of Blind Sensorium: archaeological relics and their successive photographic reproductions, drawings, paintings, satellite and geological maps… For this reason, we have decided that they should also be accompanied by the labels, texts, captions, quotations and footnotes created by the museum for its own permanent collection.

Our sourcebook is therefore a spatial map of the exhibition, but also its storyboard, score or stratigraphy in two-dimensional form. Available in pdf format, as an e-book or in a printed version published in two volumes, it is also a logbook of the process of collective artistic and curatorial research of my team and of the institutions that have collaborated on the development and design of the exhibition.

The stratigraphic approach that can be seen on its pages reflects a conviction: if the objective is to establish a synchrony of the various forces that are changing the appearance of the planet, the work of photography cannot be separated from collaboration with scholars in various disciplinary fields, and the appropriation of contents cannot help but pass through different forms of transmission.

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