In a playful conversation with the artist Jonas Mekas, John Lennon and Yoko Ono give insights into their artistic practices, such as singing, influencing each other, and collaborating in films such as Legs which shows the naked legs of the New York artistic community.


December 1970, Regency Hotel, New York City: After a spontaneous film festival in the Elgin theatre for which Yoko Ono and John Lennon had produced two new films in only two weeks, the organiser Jonas Mekas and the two artists sat together, exhausted and probably also very happy. They talk about how the audience received the films and how Jonas Mekas managed to draw the attention from the famous couple to their works. Almost accidentially, the conversation touches many topics of creative production, from early childhood influences to collaboration, from heart beats in a waltz rhythm to electronic music, from realism to stutter to catharsis. And love and peace.

Jonas Mekas was well acquainted with a great many New York artists. He conducted numerous interviews with artists, some of which appeared for the first time in his Scrapbook of the Sixties, published by Spector Books. This ebook contains the outtake of one chapter of the Scrapbook. This intimate conversation with John and Yoko reveals Mekas as a friendly, attentive interlocutor with a stunningly agile and honest perception.

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